Toronto Queer Zine Fair seeks to provide a space that is accessible physically, financially, and emotionally. The space is physically accessible; there are accessible bathrooms, a wheel chair lift and ramps. There will be active listeners on site and free childcare provided. Bathrooms will be gender-neutral. We ask that you do not wear perfume, cologne, or other scented products. TQZF believes in a harm reduction approach, and understands if you must use alcohol or other mood-altering substances to attend a social event; we simply ask that, if you do so, please respect the boundaries of those in attendance who may not want to be near alcohol & other substances, or be witness to the effects of such. All TQZF events are pay what you can and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. If you have any suggestions or advices please get in contact with us, we are always willing to improve our space. 

    The TQZF seeks to make a space that is free of abuse and violence.  We live in a culture that normalizes violence. This includes but is not limited to gendered, sexualized, racialized, homophobic, transmisogynist, transphobic, ableist and calassist. We choose to prioritize the safety and well being of survivors of violence and abuse. Known abusers who have not gone through accountability processes will not be able to attend or table and we reserve the right to ask abusers to leave the space.  

    There will be active reminders and discussions about space and boundaries as well as not assuming people’s genders based on their presentation. That means, do not touch people or take their photos, etc., without first asking for their consent, and do not address anybody by gendered terms without first inquiring about their pronouns. It’s okay to ask what pronouns we use. The use of oppressive language/behaviour (whether it is ableist, racist, queerphobic, classist, cissexist, misogynistic, sexist, transphobic, and so on) will not be tolerated. 

    We value environments of openness and we ask that if someone tells you that you have used oppressive language and or made them uncomfortable please try your best to not be defensive.  We all fuck up and all have an opportunity to learn from it.