1. I think 4 October 2014 might break a record for the most simultaneous zine fests


    4 - Amsterdam Zine Jam (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

    4 - Bristol Comic &  Zine Fair (Bristol, UK)

    4 - Zine Fest Houston (Houston, Texas, USA)

    4 - Hand Made and Bound (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)

    4 - RVA Zine Fest (Richmond, Virginia, USA)

    4 - Toronto Queer Zine Fair (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

    4 - ABQ Zine Fest (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)

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  2. ethiopienne:

    Submit to Contemporary Queer's second issue: Bodies.

    This issue asks you to consider bodies through space and time. Your body. The bodies you like. The bodies you’d like. The bodies of your ancestors or descendants. What our bodies convey when we perform certain behaviors or don’t. What we consider “whole” and “partial.” Musculature. Skin color. Photography. Art. The definitions we apply to our bodies versus the definitions others ascribe to us. Representations and appropriations. Gender. Disease. Settler. Indigenous. What role does culture play when it comes to our bodies? What does protection mean? What are our boundaries? How do our bodies affect us? Do food and environment play significant roles? Immigration. Prison. Slavery. Trafficking. Modeling. Servitude. Commodification. Markets. Mockery. Sexuality. Beauty ideals. Virtual bodies. Physical bodies. Digital bodies. Celebrated bodies. Reviled bodies. Incarcerated bodies. Free bodies. Space. Movement. Movement through physical space. Movement through symbolic space.

    If you have a poetry, prose (fiction/nonfiction), essays, interviews, photo series, etc. that you think would be a great fit for this issue, keep us in mind. Follow @ConQueerZINE on Twitter and the hashtag #ConQueerBODIES if you’d like to join the ongoing discussion.

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  3. livingnotexistingblog:

    just picked up a huge stack of posters from OPIRG York for the toronto queer zine fair. thank you all for the contribution !!! #torontoqueerzinefair (at Opirg York)


  4. torontoqueerzinefair:

    Our volunteer sign up form is now up on the website! People interested in volunteering, please fill this out! 

    We are still seeking volunteers particularly for childcare and active listening! Please fill out this form if you are interested!


  5. torontoqueerzinefair:


    Thank you to Jenny and Natalia for making us such a stunning poster for this year’s Toronto Queer Zine Fair! 

    Those interested in tabling, performing or volunteering should check out our website for more info!

    Boosting! Still accepting tabling applications and still looking for folks to perform and volunteer! Email us: torontoqueerzinefair@gmail.com.



  6. phuckadelphia:

    Hey! We are two radical gay men who have come together to put together a zine about consent as it relates to sex between men. Although there is an exciting and growing body of writing about consent in queer and non-queer contexts, we have identified a disheartening lack of resources or…




    Hey! We are two radical gay men who have come together to put together a zine about consent as it relates to sex between men. Although there is an exciting and growing body of writing about consent in queer and non-queer contexts, we have identified a disheartening lack of resources or perspectives about the particular complexities of negotiating sex and consent with gay men, queer men, and other men who have sex with men.

    Although we know our zine won’t be exhaustive, we hope that by inviting more voices to contribute we can create a more useful document to share with our community and beyond.

    Thus we are seeking submissions of all kinds, but primarily writing, that considers the question of consent. We encourage all cis and trans* gay men, queer men, and men who have sex with men to submit stories, practices, questions, essays, musings, poems, and whatever else about this issue.

    Feel free to write about anything you’d like to that you think is relevant! However, we have come up with a few topics and questions that we are curious about:

    — verbal vs. non verbal consent
    — discretion, the closet, and consent
    — public touching, unwelcome touching
    — HIV and consent
    — consent and oppression, consent and privilege, consent and race, class, ability, etc.
    — how does public cruising affect the use of consent?
    — how does the internet affect the use of consent?
    — how does sexual health affect consent?
    — what is the relationship between the history of cruising and the current use of consent?
    — what is the connection between sex positivity and the use of consent?
    — how does actively talking about consent interact with some cultures of promiscuity or hooking up?

    If you’d like to submit something, or have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at eric.levitt123@gmail.com (Eric) or jvalelly@gmail.com (Jonathan). The deadline for submissions is Sept. 30, 2014.

    Please distribute this call far and wide!




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  9. ace-toronto:

    Hello folks!

    In light of the upcoming Queer Zine Fair on October 4th we’ve decided to put together a small first issue of an Ace Toronto Zine.

    This zine will be made up of articles and stories written and sent in by any community members (Ace Toronto members and other aces in…


  10. Schedule at a Glance




    Updated: September 2nd 2014

    The Toronto Queer Zine Fair is featured as part of Disorientation co-organized by OPIRG Toronto and UTSU at the University of Toronto !!!